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Why You Must Choose Us For All Your Fragrances Creations

We are an international company reputed for manufacturing amazing fragrances. We create one of a kind fragrances that are admired and appreciated by some of the leading brands on the market. We manufacture natural and designer fragrances for perfumes, soaps and lotions, hair care products, candles, odor neutralizers and other home products. Established and upcoming brands have relied on us for getting their business noticed.

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Candle Fragrances

Fine Fragrances For All Applications

When it comes to fragrance compounds, we provide fragrance solutions to customers on a global basis. Royal Aroma Fragrances manufactures and supplies fragrances for a wide variety of products used in Home and Fabric Care, Personal and Oral Care, as well as Fine Fragrances. We add value to our products with sanitizing properties through natural essential oils.

A highly qualified and experienced Perfumers and Evaluation team operates in an environment where science, technology, nature and art are brought together to create inspirational olfactory experiences.

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Personal Care Fragrance

For most customers, choosing the best personal care fragrance for cosmetics can be quite a daunting task for several reasons. Customers also can be fickle-minded and frequently change their minds about their preferred scents almost as much as they change their clothes.

We, at Royal Aroma, take special care of creating some of the best personal care fragrance products in the industry. We know that certain fragrances work best under certain conditions. Floral, gourmand, fantasy, fruity, and fresh scents are considered the preferred choices for personal care categories.

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Home Fragrances
Care Fragrances

Home Fragrances

The house of fragrance, Royal Aroma, manufactures some of the most mind-blowing fragrances for your homes as well. The scent of a home stays with you for a very long time even after you leave it. However, it builds a soothing memory in your mind while creating a bond with the scent you might have felt long time back. Royal Aroma makes some enthralling home fragrances to give your house a perfect scent, staying in the minds of the people who might visit it even just once. Colors and clothes create a style statement for you, but fragrances represent you. Hence, the efficient makers of the scintillating scent work on each home fragrance quite diligently to provide the best aroma for your house. Most everyone likes to have some fragrance whether it is yourself or a product you use. Home fragrances give a complete look to your house while retaining its special, yet homely, nature.

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Private Label Perfume

3 Simple Steps to Launching Your Fragrance.

Capturing Your Vision
1.Capturing Your Vision

Envision your perfect perfume. Think about the individual notes as the fragrance passes your senses. What does it smell like? Is it tea, tobacco, lavender and spice? Or maybe you would describe it as “a walk through a park in Paris on a brisk fall day while sipping a latte.”

As odd as the description may be, it’s exactly what we need to create the perfect fragrance for you. In fact, the more specific it is the better. Descriptions such as tea OR tobacco OR lavender aren’t specific enough. So, be specific. We want your fragrance to fit you perfectly. We’ll then work with you to hone and refine, ensuring everything is perfect. Finally, using the individual notes you list or the fragrant picture you paint, we’ll create a brief to describe your dream scent.


Using the meticulously crafted brief, our master perfumer will blend the perfect scents into an original fragrance, custom to you. From there, we make revisions based on your feedback until it’s perfect. It rarely takes more than two revisions to complete the fine tuning.

This allows you to be directly involved in the creative process, resulting in a fragrance that is authentically yours – unique and completely original.

Final Production
3.Final Production

With the fragrance finalized, we scale production, filling and packaging your order. Each individual portion is housed in a beautiful vessel with your company name and logo. Each bottle is professionally packaged under your name, with your design.

With the order complete, you’re now the proud owner of your own custom-made fragrance, ready to retail.